Hi/Low Find Of The Week

Chinoiserie Wallpaper Panels

These gorgeous wall panels add a timeless elegance to your decor. They are usually hand painted and very expensive. They can be used to paper an entire room. However, instead of papering an entire room, consider hanging just a couple of framed panels. The look will be achieved for a lot less - especially if you use my lower cost version seen below.


The above hand painted panel from Paul Montgomery measures 36” x 120”( tree height being 98” tall) retails for $475. Paul Montgomery’s panels come in a wide variety of series and patterns and are customizable in size and color. They are gorgeous. The only downsize is the price.


Awallon Design on Etsy sells beautiful wallpaper panels. They have the look of the beautiful hand painted panels by brands like Gracie, DeGourney and Paul Montgomery, but the price is vastly different. The selection is limited, but I have seen the green one installed and it is gorgeous. A 24” X 108” panel retails for $59.05


Above is an interior by @ZouZouHome using the Awallon panels.

Another design by Awallon retails for $42.38 per 24”x102” panel

I find it so satisfying to find a good bargain. It’s even more fun to share it with you. My hope is that this Hi/Low Find of the week will be an ongoing series. If you have a Hi/Low find you would like to share please email me. Happy Bargain Hunting!