Easy Ornament Wreath

easy ornament wreath

I have collected Christopher Radko ornaments for as long as I can remember. His workmanship and attention to detail is exceptional. They are also very expensive and very fragile. Each one is special to me, so I have a hard time throwing them away when they are broken. A few years ago I made the wreath above out of some broken ornaments and several inexpensive fillers. My intention was to slowly replace the fillers with Radkos as more broke year after year. However, I liked that wreath so much I decided to make another one instead. Let me walk you through this very simple project.

Find An Artificial Wreath

It can be in rough shape because you are going to completely cover it. I found the one I used for $4 at a local thrift store.

Gather Broken Ornaments

Have a designated box to put them in when they break.

easy ornament wreath
broken ornament wreath


You will most likely need to purchase several inexpensive ornaments to fill in the gaps. The dollar store will have them in various colors and sizes.

easy ornament wreath
easy ornament wreath

Get Out The Glue Gun

Attach your favorites first. This way when you fill in you can hide the broken parts. Be careful! Most of these are glass and can bite!

easy ornament wreath

Fill In As Needed

The more the merrier!

easy ornament wreath
easy ornament wreath

Voila! A Festive Happy Wreath

easy ornament wreath

This is a very easy, fun project. So, next time you hear one of your treasures hit the hardwood, consider giving them a second life on a wreath!

I hope you are having a Happy Holiday Season!!