Everything is Better With...Treillage

Everything is Better with...Treillage

Treillage, trellis, lattice, whatever you want to call it, is having a moment. While it has long been used in traditional decor, it's currently all over Pinterest, Instagram and shelter magazines used in new and fresh ways. I love it! So I decided to find a way to incorporate it in my house. I have some basic built-ins that flank my fireplace in my living room. I've always thought they needed something so ...I thought I'd give it a whirl. 


Image via House Beautiful

Everything is better with...Treillage

After removing the shelves from the built-ins I painted the back with Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Versailles.

Next I purchased two sheets of 4 x 8 vinyl lattice from Lowes. I know vinyl sounds yucky, but after a little research I chose it for a couple of reasons. First, it has a thinner profile than the wooden sheets so I did not have to cut my shelves down and second, I did not want to have to use a saw. The vinyl is so easy to cut with clippers. 

 Next I painted the lattice sheets. They were super bright white and looked a bit like plastic, so I sprayed them with Krylon Fusion for plastic spray paint in Dover White Satin finish. This is the perfect spray paint if you have Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 trim in your house. It's a warm white that is not too cream. This took care of the sheen. They no longer looked like plastic. Let it dry completely. After measuring the back of the bookcases, I was able to cut the lattice to size with a pair garden nippers. Now, just put your lattice piece in place and secure with the shelves. I also tacked a piece of molding to the edge to finish it off. 

Everything is better with...Treillage
Everything is better with...Treillage
Everything is better with treillage
Everything is better with...Treillage

This project was really easy and I think it really added a lot of depth and character to these built in shelves brightening up the room and bringing it to life.

 Another way to bring this garden inspired look into your decor is with wallpaper. The following are some of my favorite trellis wallpapers.