How to Create Large Wall Art on the skinny

Large Art Lowish Price

What you live with on your walls everyday is important. It can transform you mood as well as your decor. So, if you've got a big space to cover but not a lot of cash??? Here are a few ideas : 


Buy a yard or two of beautiful fabric and stretch it over a store bought canvas and attach it with a staple gun. In general most home decor fabric is 52"-54" so you have plenty in width, but the height will only be 36" for one yard, so you will need to adjust your yardage accordingly to cover your canvas. when figuring the amount to cover your canvas, make sure you allow for wrapping and stapling. Voila, you have your own masterpiece.

I love Hunt Slonem's work! His paintings are absolutely gorgeous, but they are a significant investment. However, his fabric collection for Groundworks would work perfectly for this project.  Hunt Slonem"s Hutch print for Groundworks Fabrics  seen above is available in several other colors.

Large Art Lowish Prices

Hunt Slonem's Bayou Casino in Neutral Gold, available in other colors as well, would also work well for this project.

2. Wallpaper

Pierre Frey's Espalier Wallpaper would make great framed panels. This beautiful wallpaper is pretty pricey, so papering an entire room is costly. While a couple of 8 ft framed panels could be quite versatile. They can move with you  etc. The panels could flank the entry to a dining room or hang on either side of the bed in the master bedroom... I am constantly searching Ebay for remnants of wallpaper for projects just like this.


Bedroom by Nick Olsen via Domino

image via

The above panels are available through Paul Montgomery. Tempaper also is a very reasonable source for chinoiserie wallpaper panels. 


3&4. Plates and Color Blocking

Plates are another way to fill up a wall fairly easily. The image below is of the 2018 Bungalow Classics for Highland House showroom at the spring 2018 High Point market. It beautifully illustrates a couple of fresh techniques, hanging plates in a graphic diamond pattern and using large blocks of color. The color blocking really highlights the plates. This would work to showcase any collection, work of art or mirror. I love how they framed the color with a stencil pattern! The panels of color could also stand alone beautifully. This look could easily be achieved with inexpensive white plates. The blog Cedar Hill Farmhouse by Anita Joyce has a fabulous post on the mechanics of hanging wall plates. She will show you a simple, clever technique that will change the way you hang plates for good - no more wire hangers!! Yeah!!

This Swedish Flowers wall stencil cut down, would make an excellent border for color blocking.

Below is another take on "color blocking" with wallpaper instead of paint. I love how Dana Gibson uses her own Peregrine for Stroheim wallpaper behind the mirror in her entry hall.

Image via Richmond Magazine - photo by Barry Fitzgerald

5. DIY Canvas

AfterlightImage 50.jpg

Above is a canvas that I painted years ago for my daughter's bedroom. I never had it framed. I just painted the side with the yellow wash. It still hangs in her room today.

The above Damian Hurst inspired canvas was created by Annie of DIY Decormom blog. Here is a link to her full post and instructions on how to create your own.

6. Frame a Scarf

image via

Though Hermes scarves can be pricey, they are spectacular and worth every penny! A true work of art in every way and at a 36" square, once framed, they will take up quite a bit of real estate. There are good deals to be had on eBay if your patient. Of course, any beautiful scarf will do. It certainly doesn't have to be Hermes.  

7. Create A Photo Collage

I purchased this kit on Etsy from 527 Photo to use in my daughter's dorm room. The collection includes 50 prints (5x7) from France, Portugal, Spain, and Czech Republic. She LOVES it! It comes beautifully packaged and is very reasonable. This Etsy store has tons of other photography options for very little money. You could also go have several of your own Instagram images or photos printed and create your own.


 You should always strive to cover your walls with something that makes you smile. I hope this post has given you a few new ideas and some inspiration to get creative!