How Art Can Change Your Mood And Your Room In An Instant


In every project my goal is to “make your house feel like home”. I want you to walk in take a deep breath and feel immediately at home. One of the easiest and most meaningful ways to pull a space together and add personality at the same time is by using the perfect piece of artwork. Art is very personal. What makes my heart sing, could leave you thinking …“I don’t get it”. That is one of the most wonderful things about it. Art can bring in so much life and personality. It can pull a room together in a heartbeat. Let’s consider what could be holding you back from adding meaningful artwork to your home. I will show you a couple of my projects where the right piece of art has made all of the difference.

Beautiful Art Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Many think that beautiful art is unattainable. News flash: just as in anything else, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For as long as I can remember, my mother has had a pair of framed melted crayon wax pieces that I did as a 5 year old in my parents living room. They are abstract and well framed. You would never look at them and think they were kids art. Never, underestimate the power of children’s artwork. If it was created by one of yours or someone close to you, it is a treasure. The beauty of artwork created by young children is that it can be so pure. They are just creating what they think is beautiful without worrying if it’s “good enough”

My kid’s summer camp spin art displayed in my living room book shelves always makes me happy.

My kid’s summer camp spin art displayed in my living room book shelves always makes me happy.

Emotional Response

AfterlightImage 17.jpeg

Do not purchase or hang a piece of art if it doesn’t give you a positive emotional response. Some people purchase art because it’s what they think they “should” like or it’s what’s on trend. I purchased the John Derian Co. seaweeds pictured above on a trip with my husband. They are not precious or one of a kind, but they are beautiful to me. They remind me of the solo trips to New York we use to take when our kids were little. They also make me laugh because we have hung them three times and shockingly we are still married.

When purchasing art, try to focus on what you love or what is meaningful to you. If you have no idea, then be sure to hire a professional, whose aesthetic you admire, to help you figure that out.

The Right Piece Can Bring A Space To Life

My goal is to find the piece that makes you feel good and that brings your space to life. I have been fortunate to see this happen in my last two projects. I was lucky to have clients who were willing to commission pieces for each of their projects. In both cases, the finished works were amazing. I live in east Tennessee so the fact that both artists live and work in Knoxville made it all the more special. Both works are different but they both were created by people that sincerely cared where the art would end up and that the client was happy. I can relate to this, because nothing feels better that helping someone love their environment.

The first work was created by Joe Letitia. He is an accomplished, classically trained, Knoxville artist who also happens to teach art and art history at a local school. The homeowner had purchased a small painting of his several years ago. When moving into her new home we reached out to see if he could create something on a much larger scale. The result was the stunning 60”x 60” seen below. My client and I were blown away by how the painting brought her entire room to life. I was struck by how important it was to Joe that the painting have a good home and that it was framed and installed properly (both of which he did).


In these before pictures, the family room has lovely furnishings. The velvet sofa is inviting and the ottoman with the hide rug provides an extra layer of texture. The oversized rich green lamps are perfect scale for the vaulted ceiling and add a layer of drama and luxury . All the pieces are beautiful on their own, but something was missing…

IMG_5590 3.jpeg

The After

A night view

A night view

My amateur photography skills do not give this room justice. It really is such a beautiful painting that lights up this space and ties everything together.

The second piece was created by Rebecca Robinson, also of Knoxville, Tennessee. Her work is beautifully textured and layered with color. She also went to great lengths and revisions to make sure her painting was exactly what was wanted. The painting is in my clients study where she works every day. Think of the impact this special piece can have on her as she goes about her day.

The Before

When my client decided to go back to work, the goal was to transform the space below and create one that was light, uplifting and energizing.


The After

The result is spectacular. Rebecca’s painting is the star of the show! It pulls the space together and brings a smile to the homeowner’s face every morning.


Both of these clients chose artists whose work they knew and loved. After giving some direction on color palate they let the artist’s creative process take over.

On a personal note, I have loved art for as long as I can remember. I have a degree in Art History from the University of Georgia. I am aware of the power of the right piece and how it can bring a room to life.

Please contact me for more info on how I can help you make your house feel like home.

Thanks so much for reading!