How To Decorate Around An Inspiration Piece


When a dear friend and client asked me to give her daughter’s room a makeover that would last her for the next several years, I was excited to be of help. There was one thing that needed to stay in the room. A treasured hand-painted horse pillow. This gave me my jumping off point to get started.


This beautiful pillow was painted by local, Knoxville artist Lynn Arnwine.

This beautiful pillow was painted by local, Knoxville artist Lynn Arnwine.


Wanting to keep the room light and fresh the walls and trim are painted Benjamin Moore’s white dove. To bring out the beautiful blue in the pillow a heavy solid ice blue linen was selected for the bed. The adjoining bathroom is a painted a soft petal pink, so adding subtle touches of pink around the room was a must. This was achieved through, lamps, artwork and custom fabrics.

Furniture Floor Plan

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 10.41.04 AM.png

It’s so important when purchasing new furniture for a room to create a floor plan. Once you have that, it’s easy to see what you need and where everything is going to fit.

New Bed and Bedding


The custom blue linen, upholstered queen bed is dressed in custom fabrics designed by Danika Herrick. To view her complete line of fabrics and wallpapers visit her shop here.

I LOVE beautiful bedding!! I also want bedding to be washable and practical, especially when it comes to bedding for teenagers. All of the bedding we used is 100% cotton and machine washable.

Bedside Chests

Thankfully there was room for two matching bedside chests. They are beautiful and provide much needed storage.


Petal pink lamps were chosen for the chests on either side of the bed and the existing ceiling fixture was replaced with an adorable white scalloped one.


Nothing helps pull a room together quite like the perfect rug.

Erin Gates Windsor Rug in light blue adds just a touch of softness and color to the floor.



Quatrefoil wall mirrors added over the bed side chests mimic the shape of the headboard


Every young lady needs a pretty place to study.

Sitting Area

IMG_8039 2.jpeg

The sitting area is one of my favorite parts of the room. My client already had the adorable white leather loveseat. We added fluffy pillows, a snug pom pom throw, fun colorful artwork and a little ottoman complete the space.

If you are about to embark on your own decorating project and need inspiration, consider choosing a “star of the show” like my client did with her beloved pillow. We took something that was meaningful to her and planned her whole room around it. You can also find more girly room goodness in my post Musings of a Young Ladies Bedroom If you still need help and inspiration consider contacting me. I have a wide variety of services that include e-design and would love to be helpful.

Thanks for reading!