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I would describe Stacy Jacobi’s aesthetic as fresh, classic and edited. She has mastered the art of creating beautiful spaces that are comfortable, inviting and attainable. She is able to “create homes that reflect the harmonious aesthetic that people crave”.

I recently had the pleasure of touring her current home and it was a real treat. I love a home that is inviting, but doesn’t reveal everything from the street. At first glance, this house appears to be a charming cottage. You will quickly see that this “cottage” lives large! Working her magic, Stacy has been able to create a home that feels both gracious and intimate at same time. A balance that is not easy to strike. It is a refreshing trend on the horizon - people living more in less space. It is about using all of your space and tailoring it to suit your needs.

In addition to home renovation and construction, Stacy is also a realtor. Her experience as a successful realtor shows in her ability to edit an interior. If you have ever put a home on the market, you have probably been advised to pair down and clean out. Rooms can be layered and tell a story without being cluttered. These interiors seem to take a deep breath and leave room for what’s important - the life that goes on inside them. For me, the most inviting spaces provide what most of us need - a haven to recharge and spend time with friends and family.

It is my pleasure to share Stacey’s beautiful home all decked out for the holidays with you.


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The new steel door is a show stopping update! It instantly freshens up the traditional exterior.

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Benjamin Moore’s Natural Cream is used throughout the house, with White Dove on the ceilings and trim. A limited color palate is key when creating a serene and cohesive interior. It will make your home feel more spacious and open.

Living Room & Dining Room

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While the living and dining rooms are elegant, they are still inviting and comfortable. Nothing in the home feels off limits or untouchable.

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A built in buffet cabinet is just one example of how the space is thoughtfully maximized.


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The office is the one room in the house that has a deep color palate. It works because the room gets ample natural light and is directly off the entry to the right. It stands alone and doesn’t affect flow. The rich brown ceiling and grasscloth paper make for warm and masculine place to work.

Powder Room

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The powder room’s fresh floating vanity is all dressed up with a marble top and gorgeous hardware.

Butler’s Pantry

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The butler’s pantry cabinets are white oak topped with quartz soapstone.

Kitchen/Breakfast room

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Stacy’s use of natural, classic materials in a fresh modern way takes center stage in the kitchen. The star of the show is the gorgeous white marble. While there is really no such thing as a timeless kitchen, using neutral elements on the things that are hard to change, will give you the most longevity. It’s easy to swap out hardware and lighting for a quick update down the road.

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Family Room

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Master Bed & Bath

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Let’s Head Upstairs

The upstairs is as warm and inviting as the downstairs, providing ample room for their three daughters and guests.

Guest Room & Guest Bath

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If you have read many of my blog posts, you know that I love big dramatic lighting and the lantern in the guest room doesn’t disappoint. It combined with a beautiful antique french drapery table makes this room extra special.

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Girl’s Rooms & Bathrooms

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This happy bathroom is one of my favorites! The slab drawers, blue penny tile, beautiful hardware and crisp white countertops are the perfect mix of sophisticated and fun. Not to mention - I love a piece of black and white art thrown in practically anywhere!

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Stacy created this precious bunk room out of some unused attic space. It’s just one of those rooms that makes me smile. Not only because it’s DARLING, but because it is practical as well. These simple twin mattresses are soooo much easier to make than a regular built in bunk. Trust me - anyone who has ever tried to change the sheets on a bunk that is boxed in on three sides will get what I am talking about.

Outdoor Space

The gracious outdoor living space and beautiful pool will come to life in the warmer months. Not to be overlooked, well done outdoor space can take a home to the next level.

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I want to thank Stacy for allowing me to share her gorgeous home with you! I hope it has given you some new ideas and inspiration. Stacy’s motto is “Love Where You Live” and she has helped countless clients achieve this goal. Please visit her website Stacy Jacobi Home and her IG feed @stacyjacobihome to see more of her dramatic transformations and for contact information.

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