The Beauty of Black & White Art

Kate Roebuck's Black Tone Bouquet

I love black and white art! It's incredibly versatile, working in all kinds of interiors from traditional to contemporary. It works with any color palate. It can be both dramatic and soothing at the same time - total opposites, like the colors black and white. It's also an easy way to start incorporating modern art into your decor, giving a traditional interior a fresh perspective.

There are so many fabulous artists that create beautiful works in black an white. Whether they use oil, acrylic, ink, watercolors, film, collage, mixed media or charcoal. There is something for everyone in every style and budget. In this post I will attempt to touch on a few of my favorites.

For me the two artist that opened my eyes to black and white modern art are Donald Batchelor and Hugo Guiness. I have spent years admiring their work and its dramatic simplicity.

Donald Baechler Flower Pot prints

Donald Baechler Flower Pot prints

Hugo Guinness

Hugo Guinness

Hugo Guinness

Hugo Guinness

The following are some examples of black and white art used in various types of decor.

image via 

The above image of a vignette by Collins Interiors makes my heart sing. It perfectly demonstrates how beautifully black and white art integrates into any interior.

Henri Matisse's Le Platane c.1951.   Image via and print available at 

This image via is a perfect example of how a group of black and white images framed in matching frames makes for a lovely addition to this family room.

The iconic horse painting hung behind the desk in Atlanta's Sid Masburn store makes the space. Image via

AfterlightImage 17.jpg

Above painting as well as this first one in this post are by Kate Roebuck. The images are via her website

Meandering by Nashville artist Kayce Hughes. Image via

Roast Chicken limited edition print by Elliot Stokes. Image via

It's hard for me to resist any of Slim Aarons' nostalgic photography. This image Debs on Parade is available at

Angela Simeone's Paper Flowers 2. Image via

AfterlightImage 10.jpg

The Blue Mountie - black and white charcoal portrait by Sharon Dok

Henri Matisse's Le Platane c.1951.   Image via 

Whatever your decorating style, I hope this post has encouraged you to use some black and white art to your decor!